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Freely Receive, Freely Give

Puppet Resources is a 100% free site, not supported by advertising or even donations.  It enables people around the world to share puppet skits they have written.  It doesn't cost anything to write a puppet skit, apart from some time, so why charge for it?   We're all better off if we share!

As such, access to everything in this site is free and you can upload or download as many scripts as you want without charge.  All administration on this site is performed by volunteers (we're always happy to have more help - hint hint!).

Please read a little bit more about Puppet Resources below and see our FAQ.   If you'd like to link to us, we've provided some helpful information here.

If you want to upload your scripts, you'll need to register first by clicking here.

Where it All Started

Yes, it's mePuppet Resources was conceived by Jeff Robson during a children's church seminar in Perth, Western Australia in October 2000.  At this seminar, he found that quite a few people were interested in downloading copies of skits he'd written via the Internet.

Following a search of the Internet, he found that although there are some great puppet sites on the net (many of which are listed in the Resources section), there weren't many that facilitated the exchange of scripts via the web.

So being the ever-resourceful person that he is, he decided to create Puppet Resources.  Little did he know what he was getting himself in for ... but that's another story!

After many, many days and nights the very first script was uploaded to Puppet Resources on March 16, 2001. Of course, the site didn't work very well then and Jeff spent the next few weeks and months fixing all the bugs he'd programmed in!  But now, he seems to have gotten most of them out (apart from when he tries to add new features)!

Anyway, his end goal was to make this a bright, fun site where visitors could search for (and hopefully find) the scripts they're looking for.  But more than this, he wanted to create a database of not just his own skits and the skits uploaded to its site, but also scripts from all over the web ... bringing the details of all these together into a single website.

Basically, a place where people could freely receive puppet skits, but also freely give them to others too.  From the feedback we receive, we believe Puppet Resources is doing a pretty good job (but we're a little biased!).

Special Note

Puppet Resources was designed by and is supported through his business, Access Analytic Solutions.  Jeff donates his time and Access Analytic's resources to supporting Puppet Resources and without these, Puppet Resources wouldn't exist!

Thanks Access Analytic!

Technical Info

For those propeller heads out there, you'll be interested in the following technical trivia about Puppet Resources:

Programming languages: PHP (server) and JavaScript (client)
Database: MySQL
Web server: Apache
Approx lines of code (both HTML and PHP): 8,000
Code written using Textpad and FrontPage 2000

Request Changes & Fixes

There's lots of good things we could do with this site, but there are only 24 hours in a day!  If you have suggestions about how this site should develop, please .


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