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Puppet Resources is a completely free site that is run by volunteers ... we don't even accept donations.  The only form of "payment" we accept is your kind e-mails and stories about how you've benefitted from the site.

So if you've found the site useful, let us know!  Since the site is run by unpaid volunteers for the benefit of the puppet community, your encouragement means a lot!

All messages are read and most of them are appreciated! :-)

E-mail Contacts

All contact with Puppet Resources is via e-mail only.

Please be patient if you don't receive a response straight away.  E-mail is checked and read regularly (though not every single day) and sometimes we get quite a lot of messages ... but we will reply!

For: Contact:
Feedback on how Puppet Resources has helped you, how you're using the skits, puppet news from your organisation etc (if you find the site useful, send us your story ... we love reading these!).  Include the word "Feedback" in your subject line.
Requests for scripts to be translated into other languages (Spanish and Tamil translators available currently), offers to help with translation requests.  Include the word "Translation" in your subject line.
Requests for additional functionality, suggestions for improvement and other constructive criticism.  Include the word "Suggestion" in your subject line.
Feedback, issues, comments or suggestions regarding specific scripts. Contact the script Author directly
Problems regarding the use of this site, possible bugs, complaints, potential security problems, and anything else really.  Include the word "Webmaster" in your subject line.

Puppet Resourcers (Volunteers)

There are a lot of things that happen at Puppet Resources - some of them you see, and some of them you'd only notice if they didn't happen!

We currently have a number of "Official" Puppet Resourcers (plus Jeff) who work on a voluntary basis to serve the puppet community and make this site function as well as it does.

In addition to our official Puppet Resourcers, there are many other people who contribute their time and talents to the site and whilst their names aren't listed below, their contributions are also a key part of making Puppet Resources work.

If you're interested in becoming a Puppet Resourcer, contact us using the general feedback e-mail address above.

Official Puppet Resourcers:
Name Main Area(s) of Responsibility
Shawn is our Discussion Forum partner over at Puppets and Stuff. He has a great site full of people who talk about all things puppet-related. Click the Discuss button above.
Jeff is the overall Systems Administrator for the website. He's responsible for everything else including keyword maintenance, additional discussion forum contribution & moderation, dispute resolution, site development etc


Here are some awards given to Puppet Resources from various sites.



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