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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

About this site Frequently Asked Questions

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The basic philosophy of this site is that we're here to share quality puppet scripts with each other without charging anyone.  All we ask is that the original author's work is properly respected and acknowledged where applicable - treat their work with the same respect you'd like someone else to show for your work.


How much do these scripts cost?

They're all 100% free.  That's free to view, free to download, free to use for performances.  No permission or royalties or any other sort of fees are required - even if you use them for income generating performances (unless indicated otherwise by the author).

Can I download these scripts and sell them to other people?

NO!  That's actually illegal!  An author's copyright protects their right to be the only one selling their work.  So whilst we can't physically stop you from doing this, if the author finds out, they could sue you for damages.

However, many of our authors want their scripts passed on.  So don't be shy!  Contact them and ask their permission, and they might be happy to allow you to sell or publish their script.

Can I download these scripts and distribute them to other people for free?

Yes!  That's the spirit!  Feel free to share them with whoever you think will benefit from them.  When you send them on, always include the author's name and please mention that you got it from Puppet Resources (and feel free to write rave reviews about what a great resource it is! :-)  ).

Can I download the entire archive?

Sorry, but this function isn't available.  Bad luck.  You wouldn't use the whole lot anyway!


Can I use these scripts for profit?

Yes, you may perform them and charge admission unless stated otherwise by the author.  However, you can't sell the scripts (see above), or convert them to a story or movie and sell that without first getting the author's permission.  Of course many authors would be thrilled to have their scripts thus transformed (wouldn't you?) so contact them and find out!

Can I use these scripts to make a DVD or Video that I'll sell?

This is a little outside of the contemplated purposes of the scripts (i.e. to provide resources for people who'd like to perform them).  As such, you'll need to contact the individual authors of the scripts you're seeking to use as they own the copyright over these.

They may well be thrilled to have their scripts on a DVD but some may not wish to have their material used in this way so best to check with each one.

I'm confused.  You say I can use scripts for any purpose for free, yet the author says I can't.  Who's correct?

The scripts belong to the authors so their requirements override anything we have said.  Please respect their work and abide by their wishes.

How can I stay up-to-date with new scripts?

We have a weekly newsletter that provides details of all the new scripts that have been added to the site during the past 7 days. Click here for more information.

Agro - The Original Talking Bathmat Why is your Newsletter called "The Talking Bathmat"

There is a famous puppet on TV in Australia (where Puppet Resources was born) called Agro. Agro used to describe himself as a "Talking Bathmat" because he was brown and furry ... hence the name for our newsletter!

I'd like to translate some scripts into another language.  How can I do this?

We'd love you if you did this!  But, you must check with the author first as it's their work you're accessing and they own the copyright.  Assuming the author is OK with you doing a translation, download the relevant script(s), translate them, and e-mail them to us and we'll add the translation.  Make sure you leave the author's name in and add your own as the translator.

Can I change or edit the scripts I download?

Again, you must check with the author first as it's their work you're accessing and they own the copyright.  However, once you have their OK you can change the scripts and even upload newer versions to our website.  You and the author need to agree on how the author credit will read on the changed version.  We'd suggest something like, "by (original author), with adaptations by (your name)."  If you make major changes, the author may grant you permission to list both of you as authors.

What if I can't find a script that suits what I'm looking for?

You can e-mail your favourite author to see whether they have something that might be applicable, or would write something for you.   Or, you could always write something yourself and post it here!

How does the rating system work?

A script's rating is the average of all the individual ratings that reviewers have provided when they've reviewed a script.

Anyone can review a script however there are controls in place to ensure that each person can only rate a script once.  Ratings can be between 1 (lowest) and 10 (highest) inclusive.

It's optional for reviewers to leave their name and contact e-mail address.

You can see all the previous reviews on a script by clicking on "Votes" in the scripts listings.

Who picks the Feature Scripts?

Feature scripts are selected by the system automatically and a new one is chosen roughly every 24 hours.

There is a formula as to how the computer selects the next feature script but we're not going to tell you what it is!  Why?

Because it might affect how you use the site and want to keep the results as pure as possible.

Whatever Feature Script is currently in use at the time the Talking Bathmat is e-mailed out, will also be included as Feature Script of the week in the newsletter.

I don't speak Spanish but I'm looking for Spanish scripts on CD or MP3 with an English translation that I can use when travelling to a Spanish-speaking country.  Do you know of any good resources?

Yes, take a look at the Non-English Resources section on our links page.

I downloaded a script but I disagree with its ideas/theology.  What should I do?

Not use the script, change the script (in accordance with the answers above), write to the author, post a comment in the discussion forum, leave a rating, or just go and download a different script!  Whatever you do, don't come yelling at us about it because we're totally not interested in debating ideas, theories, or theologies with you.



I can't figure out how to log in or register!

Just click on the Authors graphical button at the top of any page or click here for a shortcut.

I already have my own puppet script site.  Can I promote this using the Puppet Resources site?

Yes.  You can add a general link to your site under the Resources section and/or you can add specific links to each of your scripts by registering as an author then adding your scripts.  We'd really appreciate it if you'd add a link to us on your site too!   We've provided some helpful information about how to do this here.

Do I need to have my scripts on another website already?

No.  You can make your scripts available in a variety of ways depending on what is most convenient for you, including one or more of the following:
- upload a Microsoft Word document to the Puppet Resources site
- upload an Adobe Acrobat document to the Puppet Resources site
- upload a plain text document to the Puppet Resources site
- upload an HTML file to the Puppet Resources site
- upload an MP3 sound recording file to the Puppet Resources site
- link to an HTML file or video on another website

I have some scripts where I provide the first part free but charge money for the rest.  Can I put these on this site?

Two fundamental themes of this site are "100% free scripts" and "We're not trying to sell you anything". As such, we'd prefer it if you only uploaded scripts to this site that fit these criteria.  In the Resources section there's a category for Scripts for Sale.  We'd be happy to support your efforts by putting a link in there - just use the link suggestion form at the bottom of that page.

I notice that there's a lot of Christian stuff here.  Is this a Christian-only site?

No.  If you have non-religious scripts or scripts that relate to some other religion, please feel free to use this site.  Just tell us what keywords you want to put your script under and we'll add them. That's why people can specify whether they're looking for Christian, Non-Christian, or Either.

I have some adult puppet skits that I'd like to share.  Can I put these on this site?

This site is mainly for sharing puppet skits aimed at the under 16 age group so your adult skit may not fit in.



Why did you do this site?

Because we believe it's a good and useful thing to do!  We know there's lots of great scripts out there but they're a bit hard to find sometimes.  So hopefully, this site makes things a bit easier!

This is a great site!  How can I link to you?

Firstly, thanks!  Secondly, it's funny you should ask because we just happen to have some helpful information about how to do this located here.

I love this site - can I make a donation to help out with the running costs?

Thank you for your support - we really appreciate it!  However, we're more than happy to provide this as a free service to the worldwide puppet community.  As such, we're not trying to get your money - we just want to help you.

If you'd really like to make a contribution, don't send money ... just send us an e-mail telling us your story of how Puppet Resources has helped you - your appreciation means a lot and it's the only form of "payment" we accept!

You have spelling errors everywhere - what's going on?

If you're referring to words like 'favourite', 'colour', 'mum', 'organisation' etc, those aren't actually spelling errors.  We live in Australia so the site uses Australian English and that's actually how we spell those words.

If you're referring to spelling errors in postings from users, well, we don't currently have time to go through and fix up all these but if you'd like to volunteer for this job, let us know!

If you come across any other errors, please let us know and we'll fix them as soon as possible.

I noticed when I added this site to my favourites, it showed up with a little "P" icon. How did you do that?

Cool huh?  It's called a "favicon.ico" file. Read all about it and create one for free for your site here

I have a project that needs an application similar to this script archive.  Can I download or purchase a copy?

Please send us details of your requirements and project and we'll provide some further details in this regard.  .

I still have questions that you haven't answered ... who do I ask?

Please read the other About Us page for answers to a few more questions, or refer to our Contacts page for the most relevant e-mail address.


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