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While we think Puppet Resources is a pretty good resource, obviously there are a lot of other great websites that have something to do with puppets too!  We've presented a selection of these below.  Please use the form below to add your site or let us know of other great sites.

(If you're a site administrator, we'd really appreciate a reciprocal link, by the way! Click here for Information.)

Discussion Groups

Christpup - Discussing puppetry as it relates to Christian Ministry. To subscribe, send an e-mail to christpup-subscribe@yahoogroups.com  Is this Link Broken?
Punch and Judy - Come and chat about anything related to Punch and Judy.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets and Stuff - It is our hope that Puppets and Stuff will help puppeteers and enthusiasts to establish a presence on the Internet. It is an endeavor to promote puppetry to the general public and to strengthen the puppet community. A big part of the site is our discussion forums.  Is this Link Broken?

General Drama Scripts

Bob Snook's Scripts - Tons of completely free Christian Drama skits  Is this Link Broken?
Christian Puppet Skits - Teaching kids to act on their faith!  Is this Link Broken?
Clown Ministry - A web site dedicated to the history and performance of clowning, with an emphasis on clown ministry. Heaps of skits and articles.  Is this Link Broken?
Drama Scripts - Scripts for Christian drama sketches, including puppet sketches and songs.  Is this Link Broken?
Dramatix - Dramatix is a community effort sharing theatrical works written by Christians around the world. The majority may be used free of charge, although a modest royalty payment is requested for some.  Is this Link Broken?
Fools for Christ - A growing collection of free Christian scripts including short, one act, full length, holiday, melodrama, reader's theater and audience interactive mystery dinner theaters. Everything is royalty free so God may be glorified and His message spread.  Is this Link Broken?
Free Clown Skits - Large collection of clown skits, free to use in your performances  Is this Link Broken?
Free Clown Skits - Large collection of skits, free to use in your performance  Is this Link Broken?
K I D S I N C O Free Playscripts for Kids! - Free Playscripts, Readers Theater, Skits and Role-Plays for Kids to do in school or in the Classroom  Is this Link Broken?
Myths, Folktales, & Fairytales - Stories and resources for students and teachers to explore many of the old tales, and re-tell them in innovative ways.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Play Ministry Ideas - This one goes into how to go about implementing a puppet play ministry and has two scripts on it.  Is this Link Broken?
-   Is this Link Broken?
ThroneWords - Christian Poetry - I have a lot to offer on this website. There are original songs; christian poetry; bible studies; puppet blog; and a 911 page.  Is this Link Broken?


All About Clowns - A Clown Brings Joy, Smiles, and Laughter to Our World. Skits, costumes, props, music and more...   Is this Link Broken?
All About Puppetry - One whole page of informational resources from Startlocal featuring the wonderful world of puppetry.  Is this Link Broken?
Famous Clowns - Information about famous clowns - circus, stage, movies and television  Is this Link Broken?


Make you own Sound Tracks - Instructions on how to use your PC and stereo or CD burner to create custom sound tracks for your puppet skits.  Is this Link Broken?
Record Your Puppet Skits - Helpful guide to recording your own puppet skits so you can share these online as MP3's and/or build up a library of skits for future use.  Is this Link Broken?
YouTube Puppet Videos - Search YouTube for videos containing puppets. A very wide variety of styles and themes.  Is this Link Broken?

Non-English Resources

-   Is this Link Broken?
Creative Arts Store - Large range of puppet scripts including pre-recorded Spanish scripts on CD & English translations.  Is this Link Broken?
- Un spectacle de marionnettes pour la rue (French website)  Is this Link Broken?
Google Search - Google search for pre-recorded Spanish puppet scripts on CD with English translations.  Is this Link Broken?
Kingdom Kids Media Outreach - A dedicated team of Evangelical Missionaries and volunteers who distribute and broadcast video and audio programs for children, adults, and adolescents around the World. Yes, we have Spanish Puppet Plays on CD with English/Spanish Scripts to follow!  Is this Link Broken?
Palleti Titeres - A puppet company and theater for puppets in Mexico City. In spanish, soon in english.  Is this Link Broken?
Peggies Place Multilingual Christian Resources - A great collection of multilingual Christian resources in Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Iranian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese!  Is this Link Broken?
ROCAMORA - Puppet theatre company from Spain  Is this Link Broken?
Spanish Language Training - A collection of Spanish language resources that will help you learn the language  Is this Link Broken?
World Christian Resource Directory - Resources for missionaries and Christians worldwide. The site is in English but lists resources available in many other languages.  Is this Link Broken?


Center for Puppetry Arts - The largest organization dedicated to the art of Puppetry. Continuous shows for families and adults. Has an on site Distance Learning facility. Workshops for children and adults. Research library is available to the public. Museum has over 950 puppets from around the world.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Guild - The official website of The British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild. This, the oldest puppetry organisation, was founded in 1925, has members all over the world. This site, while giving information about the Guild is also useful as a general puppet resource, with a Workshop section, Coming Events page, and active message board.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppeteers of America - "Provides information, encourages performances, and builds a community of people who love puppet theatre". Information about puppet festivals & events, jobs, a puppetry store and other publications.  Is this Link Broken?
PuppetFest MidWest - PuppetFest MidWest is an independent, annual puppetry festival that is presented, organized and financially supported by puppeteers as a gift to other puppeteers in the hope that it will inspire, strengthen and renew our commitment to Puppet Theatre.   Is this Link Broken?
Pyped - Wales Puppet Forum - Pyped is an organization of puppeteers, puppet makers and other puppet practitioners promoting puppetry in Wales.   Is this Link Broken?
UNIMA Australia - Union Internationale de la Marionnette, (UNIMA), is an international organisation bringing together people from around the world to contribute to the development of the art of puppetry, and to use it in the pursuit of human values such as peace and mutual understanding between peoples. The Australian Unima Centre was founded in 1970.  Is this Link Broken?
UNIMA-USA - UNIMA-USA, founded in 1966, is the North American Center of Union Internationale de la Marionnette, the oldest international theatre organization in the world, founded in 1929. The organization's mission is to promote international understanding and friendship through the art of puppetry.  Is this Link Broken?

Patterns for Sale

Project Puppet - Professional puppet patterns and instructions. Learn how to make your own tv-quality puppet characters.  Is this Link Broken?
puppet patterns-puppet materials-shop for hand puppet pattern kits and puppet making supplies - You can buy puppet patterns and materials to make your own puppet.   Is this Link Broken?
Puppets for Ministry - We specialize in puppet patterns. They are great for puppet ministry, missionary work, children's hospitals, nursing home visits, Sunday school, kindergarten, preschool, early childhood education, daycare, children's therapy, and more.  Is this Link Broken?


The Good News Show - The Good News Radio Show is run by a crew of enterprising puppets. Tune in and join the gang as they explore the Bible. Listen online or download to your MP3 player.  Is this Link Broken?

Puppet Performers

Because He Lives Ministries - This is the ministry site of Joey & Kecia Smith and The Operation Hope Puppet Team.  Is this Link Broken?
Conor Lambert Puppet Shows - Puppet performances for festivals and special events. Dublin, Ireland. Director Conor Lambert.  Is this Link Broken?
- Theater of objects and puppet - models, not identified danced Objects, installations and performances....  Is this Link Broken?
Darren WIlder Entertainments - Home Of Darren Wilder & Ollie OZtrich and the puppet pary. Christian Shows, Birthday Parties and Much more  Is this Link Broken?
Fantasy Puppet Theater - First appeared in Zurich, Switzerland in 1956 with a backyard performance of "Sleeping Beauty". In the early sixties, while living in Closter, New Jersey, he was influenced by Russian puppeteer Sergei Obratsov as well as Frank Paris, creator of the original Howdy Doody and Larry Berthelson, creator of the Pickwick Puppet Theater.  Is this Link Broken?
Holden Puppets - Pittsburgh areas' oldest professional puppet company offering a complete line of puppetry arts services including performances, giant puppets,workshops,custom-made puppets and stages.  Is this Link Broken?
jeff dunham - A funny vent with funny puppets,  Is this Link Broken?
Karagiozis the Greek Shadow Theatre - Karagiozis is the traditional Greek Shadow theatre. Greek webpage with info of Karagiozis, history, figures etc  Is this Link Broken?
Koz-mo's Professional Entertainment - Koz-mo's Professional Entertainment specializes in Puppets, ventriloquists, Clowns , moonwalks and much more visit us at www.kozmotheclown.com  Is this Link Broken?
Maranatha Puppets - Maranatha Puppets,FREE PERFORMANCES in Spokane Washington area. We are a Christian puppet troupe performing short stories and skits for all groups. All stories are non-denominational Christian for ages 10 and older. Specializing performances for Retirement & Convalescent Centers.   Is this Link Broken?
Murray Raine Puppets - An Australian based puppeteer who also works internationally with a marionette revue.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet 2 Puppet - We are a non-denominational collective of dedicated Christians who want to impact the lives of children...using puppets! We share our scripts, and some pictures of puppets, and news about performances, and a little bit of my yammering as well. "All Aboard The Heaven Train!"  Is this Link Broken?
Puppeteria - Puppet Theatre - Australia's leading puppet theatre & children's entertainment venue.   Is this Link Broken?
Rayz Roadshow - Zany comedy shows in schools and churches. Based in New Zealand.   Is this Link Broken?
Ripples Puppet Ministry - This is a puppet ministry based in Calvary the Brook in Calif. A resource for scripts, ideas, etc.  Is this Link Broken?
Roppets Edutainment Prodcution | puppet shows, marionette shows and a lot more - Roppets is the best puppet shows production in the Philippines.They never fail to touch the hearts kids through puppet shows,bubble shows,magic shows etc.  Is this Link Broken?
Spare Parts Puppet Theatre - Located in Perth, Western Australia, the Company maintains a rigorous regional and interstate touring schedule, taking the magic of puppetry and visual theatre to children and families in remote areas of Western Australia and the eastern states.   Is this Link Broken?
Sunny - Sunny the puppet is funny. Will he ever catch that mouse?  Is this Link Broken?
Synchret Theatre Company - Theatre of puppet and objects, for childrens and adults. The Company was founded in 2002, along with Synchret Theatre Association, from the initiative of 4 young actors, returned to Romania from a post-graduated stage of artistic practice within the International Marionette Institute of Prague. For more, visit us at http://synchret.go.ro/  Is this Link Broken?
The Utensils - The Utensils is a new web site that is a docusoap for kids set in a kitchen drawer. It is a puppet based show with an occassional live chef . It includes simple healthy recipes for children. It is about developing a child's link to their food in a fun way,and stimulate their imagination and play in the every day world.   Is this Link Broken?
THE YIPPEE SHOW - THE YIPPEE SHOW is a small puppetry company based out of Coopersburg, PA. Founded in 1993 our small for profit organization does live puppet shows for local fairs, festivals, church programs, library story time, birthday parties, day care and scout groups. We also have a puppet making workshop that we do for charity.   Is this Link Broken?
Titeres Falcatrua, titeres, falcatrua, monicreques, marionetas, teatro de titeres -   Is this Link Broken?
WANLU and his Puppets - Wanlu from Manila with his Puppets   Is this Link Broken?

Puppet Software

Digital Puppetry - Performance animation is a method of puppetry using computer generated characters. It has previously been costly to do but Perfanim-Pro, a new low cost software makes it accessible for everyone.  Is this Link Broken?
Finger Puppets Patterns - We're sharing lots of patterns to make your own finger puppets. You'll also find a downloadable program to create your own paper finger puppets... and one to download and play with puppets on your computer.  Is this Link Broken?

Puppet Theaters

Camden Rose Performance Theater - Our finger puppets are handmade from natural materials. We also offer handcrafted puppet theaters in different sizes. Camden Rose is a magical world that offers handcrafted quality toys made from natural materials that inspires imagination, fosters creativity and lets the spirit thrive.   Is this Link Broken?
Free Bible verse puppet scripts - Free Bible memory verse puppet scripts from First Baptist Church of Elgin, TX  Is this Link Broken?
History of Puppetry - Discover the history of puppetry and puppet theatre  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Theater Past and Present - Puppet theater has a long and varied history as a form of entertainment that dates back as far as the fifth century BC and encompasses many different types of puppetry from various regions, some of which are still popular today.  Is this Link Broken?

Puppet Training

Your Online Source for Puppet Training Helps - A website that offers puppet training courses and articles for: puppeteers, directors and puppet teams, and how to minister with puppets. The site includes a puppet tips blog.  Is this Link Broken?

Puppets for Sale

ABC - Learning Fun 4 U - Educational games, puppets, puzzles, and software. Christian related puppets and games. Covers a wide variety of products. All educational. Good prices and A+ customer service.  Is this Link Broken?
As we Grow Learning Toys - Australian online puppet store. Purchase quality educational puppets in 3 easy steps. Wide range of quality puppets -full body - hand - finger - animals - monsters - people and lots more.....  Is this Link Broken?
Axtell Expressions - Large range of puppets including people, birds, animals, objects, and Veggie-tales, plus many accessories for puppetry/ventriloquism.  Is this Link Broken?
BC Puppets - A large selection of Folkmanis Puppets, Hand and animal puppets, finger puppets, and others.  Is this Link Broken?
CJ Puppets - This is my website, I sell custom made professional quality puppets and also some parts for building puppets (antron Fleece) and such.  Is this Link Broken?
Covenant Creations Puppets - A.I.M! Inc is the new home of Covenant Creations puppets. Covenant Creations has been providing quality and excellence in puppet building and construction since 1981.  Is this Link Broken?
Custom Made Puppets - Great, affordable, custom made puppets for all of your puppet building needs. Hand and rod puppets. Muppet like puppets.  Is this Link Broken?
Czech marionettes and puppets - Czech puppets and marionettes, dolls in national costumes, ventriloquist dolls, puppet theaters.  Is this Link Broken?
Czech Marionettes, Puppets, and European Collectibles - Czech Marionettes is the largest online exhibition of original marionette creations and antique marionettes from the Czech.  Is this Link Broken?
Full of Grace Publishing Inc. - Full of Grace Publishing Inc. is dedicated to providing teachers and families with innovative resources to enhance child development and make learning fun!   Is this Link Broken?
Fullbody Puppets w/ Removable Legs - Soft vent fullbody puppets with removable legs and dual entry. Large variety of puppetry resources & supplies.  Is this Link Broken?
Geppetto's Workshop - We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and quality toys and gifts With pride we believe that we have achieved our aim, and now present to you Geppetto's Online,an online store for toys and puppets manufactured with care and to a standard which now seems sadly scarce.  Is this Link Broken?
Health Connection - High quality custom puppets including puppets with sculpted features and with legs. Also many scripts that educate against the use of tobacco and other drugs. Large selection of economy priced, high-quality puppets, stages, and scripts. Just look under the "Puppet" category topic.  Is this Link Broken?
Imagine, Create and Perform with PuppeTees -   Is this Link Broken?
jester puppets. A new range of quality puppets - Quality range of puppets for sale. For use in Schools, Sunday Schools and Puppet Ministries  Is this Link Broken?
Kidzstuff Puppets - Reasonably priced high quality puppets. We sell 14 inch full body glove puppets and 28 inch full body rod arm puppets. We specailize in puppet ministries and offer special pricing and discounts to those involved in ministries!  Is this Link Broken?
Kites And Puppets - A large selection of Folkmanis Puppets  Is this Link Broken?
Kritterville Puppets - Large selection of fun and creative animal and monster puppets.  Is this Link Broken?
Lambchop Puppets - The original Lambchop created by Shari Lewis. A great puppet to bring back the smiles of yester-year. This adorable puppet is available in seven styles. Finger puppets, fullbody, and sound puppet with 10 sayings. The newest of the collection has sound. Lambchop has 10 sayings.   Is this Link Broken?
Lambchop Puppets - Shari Lewis Fabulous Lampchop puppet back to life. Choice of 7 styles 2 hand puppets and 5 styles of finger puppets.  Is this Link Broken?
Lovable Puppet Pals - Custom puppets, kits, patterns, accessories, and puppet building supplies. Puppetry training, seminars, and much more!  Is this Link Broken?
M.S. Creations...Hands-on Learning - A great resource for a variety of puppets, science interactive products, storytelling props and more. Free catalogs available.  Is this Link Broken?
Ministrypuppets - Full body puppets, Full/half body puppets, hand puppets. Whatever your puppets needs are we have it all.  Is this Link Broken?
Monster Puppets - Monster puppets galore! great puppets, great prices.  Is this Link Broken?
One Way UK Puppets - Quality people puppets, full bodied, vent, human-arm, rod-arm and story-telling puppets for sale. Europe's largest supplier to schools and churches.  Is this Link Broken?
Pakaluk Puppets - At Pakaluk Puppets, we create hand puppets, rod puppets and ethnic puppets for elementary schools, bible classes, libraries, and the public. We offer excellent quality puppets at reasonable prices.  Is this Link Broken?
Pavlovs Puppets - We offer high quality puppet, mask, stage set design and building. Various puppet constructions including hand puppets, rod puppets, foam mouth puppets, marionettes,ventriloquist dummies.  Is this Link Broken?
PlaySoup - PlaySoup is a puppet company specializing in affordable backlight and custom puppets. They also have a DVD series on designing your own puppets.  Is this Link Broken?
Poulton's Puppet Product & Productions - Prof Poulton. Designer and maker of quality puppets, booths and props. Freelance puppeteer. Signwriter. Punch & Judy specialist. One of the very few Prof's who still performs Punch & Judy on the beach!!  Is this Link Broken?
PTL PUPPETS - A great resource for well made one of a kind puppets at affordable prices for the professional and for the beginner.  Is this Link Broken?
PUPPET LINE - KNIT TOGETHER BY ONE COMMON THREAD - At PuppetLine.com we carry a wide selection of quality puppets and puppet accessories. From the classic glove puppet to the professional performance puppet. From quality sock puppets to hand crafted wooden marionettes. There's something for everyone. Visit PuppetLine.com today!  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Paradise - Puppet Paradise specializes in high quality puppets, skits and media products to enhance teaching, worship studies and pretend play.   Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Partners - People puppets, Puppet ministry, educational puppet sets, custom puppet manufacturer  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Revelation - A large variety of puppets and puppet resources, such as scripts, props, stages and more.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Store USA - Specializing in quality, imaginative, and award-winning puppets.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Universe - People who love puppets will find a varied selection that includes hand puppets, finger puppets, puppet theaters, Baby Einstein puppets, Disney puppets and marionettes.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet.com - Buy puppets, hand puppets, puppet theaters, finger puppets, marionettes, half and full body puppets and accessories from top puppet manufacturers. Shop for a wide variety of puppets, puppet show scripts, ministry puppets and puppet accessories and toys.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppetry Ideas (from Puppet Planet) - Puppets ARE NOT just for puppet shows anymore! We have lots of other ideas for how you can use puppets in heaps of different situations! We can also make a custom-designed puppet just for you!  Is this Link Broken?
Puppetry Pastimes - great selection of puppets and marionettes. All styles for kids through adults. Full body rod puppets for puppet ministry; hand puppets; Folkmanis plush puppets; storybook puppet sets. Offering full support and great prices!  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets - All types of puppets, including blacklight and custom puppets. Many products for children's ministry.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets at Jump N Puddles - Great selection of People, Animals and Ministry Puppets. We carry Full body puppets, hand puppets & Folkmanis puppets. You will love our customer service and we ship same day.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets at Jump N Puddles - Great selection of People, Animals and Ministry Puppets. We carry Full body puppets, hand puppets & Folkmanis puppets. You will love our customer service and we ship same day.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets for Education - UK based online store offering quality full bodied human character puppets, finger puppet theatres from Kathe Kruse and a wide selection of animal puppet and book combinations.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets Inc - We're all about top quality puppets, puppet programs, puppet stages and puppet accessories. Large range available.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets Magic - Puppet workshop that custom makes professional puppets to your needs - top qualiy puppets and all sorts of deigns.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets save on Hand, Finger & Full Body Puppets - Puppets with removable legs, full body and hand puppets. Large selection for all occasions.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets4u - Your one stop shop for all your puppets needs. All proceeds from this site go to the Amy McKinsey Scholarship.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppetville - Puppetville offers large variety of affordable puppets and marionettes. Let your imagination take you to the land where puppets come to life right in your hand!  Is this Link Broken?
Silly Puppets- For Ministry, School, and Fun! - Low cost, yet high quality! Whether you need puppets for ministry, therapy, school, or just for fun at home, we have a puppet for you! Over 200 puppets including finger puppets, hand size glove puppets, performance size fullbody puppets, and our new marionettes are waiting for you on this site! Come inside and take a look.  Is this Link Broken?
Sock Puppets - PuppetGifts.com offers puppets of all shapes and sizes as well as unique sock puppets from The Puppet Company.  Is this Link Broken?
Stringed Animal Puppet Home - 1st Quality animal marionettes at discount prices. Promote your child's creativity & imagination  Is this Link Broken?
Super Smarty Pants Hand Puppets - Huge selection of hand puppets ranging from animals to people and more. Hand puppets are not only fun but they also encourage kids to interact, vocalize and stretch their imaginations.  Is this Link Broken?
The Puppet Store - Fabulous site that has tons of free puppet resources and information aswell as an online puppet store.  Is this Link Broken?
Toy Impact - Toy Impact is an awesome toy store that offers a large seletion of toys and gifts for kids (this includes puppets, ya'll!)!  Is this Link Broken?
Wee Worship Puppet Company - Puppets, Skits and Music! We have beautiful animal puppets, unique changeable puppets, and puppets perfect for sign language, writing, and gesturing!  Is this Link Broken?


Aesop's Fables - Our online collection of Aesop's Fables includes a total of 655+ Fables, indexed in table format, with morals listed.  Is this Link Broken?
Amazon Puppetry Books - Books about puppetry: performing, constructing puppets, stages, history, types of puppetry ... and more!  Is this Link Broken?
BestForTheKids - Never Settle for the Second-Best for Your Kids - Best for the Kids was launched with a single mission - helping you to never settle for the second-best stuff for your kids. ​Our goal is to make you a better parent for your kids, by providing you with in-depth guides about raising children, parenting techniques, and behavioral development of kids.  Is this Link Broken?
Bible Verse Clues - A free website for Christian lessons and puppet skits that can be used in a church or Sunday school setting. Scripts are written for the 4 - 11 year old age range.  Is this Link Broken?
Buy puppets hand glove animal people puppets puppet from Puppet Factory online puppet shop - Puppet Factory offers large range of hand puppets at factory outlet prices,glove puppets, blacklight puppets, people puppet, puppets for schools, puppets for churches, performers, suppliers of wholesale and retail large and small puppets, including puppet scripts, Christian parody music, puppet training, and free shipping,  Is this Link Broken?
Children Ministry Today- The Outlet Mall - This web site has many good stuff to buy, from clowns to animal balloons. If you are looking for puppet stuff, you can get cheap puppets,nice stages, puppet stands, scripts, songs, and many other things  Is this Link Broken?
Directory Kids - DirectoryKids.com is a support directory for parents. Although, this site contains links to purely children's web sites such as those with games and activities, it also contains links to topics such as child support and child abuse.  Is this Link Broken?
Disney: All About Puppets - Craft ideas for building puppets, edible entertainers, puppet stages, puppets for sale, exhibitions ... and more!  Is this Link Broken?
Eliab.creative outreach ministry - Free original Christian puppet scripts,songs, poems, chants and all-age worship resources for ministry.  Is this Link Broken?
Flocking Fibers - Full line of colors for all puppets  Is this Link Broken?
Guide to Ventriloquism - History plus lots of links to other great ventriloquism resources  Is this Link Broken?
http://child-bible-lessons.com/ - Site designed for parents, teachers and anyone else looking for free bible lessons, stories,prayers, activities and games/puppet plays.  Is this Link Broken?
Kids.net.au - Search engine for children with sites and categories that are of interest to children. We have over 20,000 child safe sites, and over 4,000 categories.   Is this Link Broken?
Kidswise - Kidswise is a web site, which aims to provide quality material for teaching children the gospel at affordable rates. It includes full scripts for many childrens talks (some of these can be downloaded free) and materials for sunday schools.  Is this Link Broken?
Magic Tricks & Games for Kids - There are many tricks the young magician can perform to amaze their friends and family. Some of the simplest ones to try include card tricks, optical illusions, levitation, and coin magic.  Is this Link Broken?
MagicTricks.com - Professional online magic shop. EZ Trick Selector helps you find magic by skill level, age, interest (for clowns, etc.). Free extensive online library of information about the history of magic and magicians.  Is this Link Broken?
My Kid Needs That - My Kid Needs That is a leading resource for parents to help find the best toys, products and gift ideas for kids of all ages (including puppets!)  Is this Link Broken?
Partners in Rhyme - Lots of great sound FX to help bring your puppet skits to life.  Is this Link Broken?
Punch and Judy - This is the Authentic British Site linking Punch professors and enthusiasts worldwide. Wide range of Punch and Judy resources.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet stages and scripts - JR Brothers Ministries designs and builds attention grabbing puppet stages. we build the stages and write the scripts for children's worship programs.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppetry Home Page, Puppets and Puppet Performance for Kids by Sunnie BunnieZZ - Puppetry Home Page for Kids to promote story telling through writing plays, and encourage puppetry through dramatic perfromance and creative play.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets and Stuff... A Community On The Web For Puppeteers - Puppets and Stuff... "A Community On The Web For Puppeteers" is populated with puppetry information provided by you the user. It is a place on the Internet where puppeteers and puppet enthusiast alike can come to share their love for all types of puppetry.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppets For JESUS! - Tons of free resources, such as puppet skits, object lessons, curriculum & more!  Is this Link Broken?
Reading games for kids - One of the best reading games for kids is Flipping for Phonics. Teach children 3 years and older how to read the fun and exciting way.  Is this Link Broken?
Takey's Website - The website with the biggest worldwide directory of puppet companies and a lot of other usefull informations about puppetry.  Is this Link Broken?
Teacher Resources - This page has info on making different sorts of puppets, and lots of ideas for using puppets to teach math, English, history etc.  Is this Link Broken?
The Kids Toys Center - For parents who astruggle with choosing the best toys for their kids. The Kids Toys Center provides parents with reviews of the best toys!  Is this Link Broken?
The Puppetry Homepage - Great collection of links to many other puppet resources, classified ads, news, festivals, instructions, theatres, puppet retailers etc. Probably one of the best puppet sites on the web!  Is this Link Broken?
Youth Pastor - YouthPastor.Com was founded in 1997 to create the most comprehensive youth ministry network and online 'free' resource for youth pastors. Our focus is dedicated to the youth pastor, designing resources and services that are not typically available from the church denominations and Christian curriculum publishing services.   Is this Link Broken?

Scripts for Sale

Amazon -   Is this Link Broken?
Anne Robertson's Puppet Resource - United Methodist minister's site with over 40 puppet scripts (free and for sale) and links to other puppet resources.  Is this Link Broken?
Drama Share - All DramaShare scripts are royalty-free, however we do ask that those who use our scripts please assist us in maintaining this on-line resource by obtaining an annual DramaShare membership. If you prefer to order individual scripts rather than obtain membership, click on the shopping cart (minimum $10 order).  Is this Link Broken?
Friends Puppet Company - Since 1975, The Friends Puppet Company have performed their character education puppet adventures and music to over two million adults and children. They have performed over 9,000 live programs in public and private schools, churches, VBS programs, camps, conventions, radio shows and cable television.  Is this Link Broken?
fun Christian puppet scripts - The scripts help children learn how to behave in church, lessons from the Bible, church etiquette, the importance of regular attendance, how God is important in their lives and more.   Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Scripts/Children's Skits - Scripts that can be used with puppets or to be acted out by children. Three free scripts are available for use by churches and ministries, and a book of 15 scripts is available for purchase.  Is this Link Broken?


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