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Children Of Abraham

Description: Izzy meets new friends John and Lucas. John and Lucas show Izzy how to fit in.

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6.0 (Good)
9 votes
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No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted October 24 2010

Rating: 4

Sorry, but Izzy would be better off making friends who accept him as he is! This script disturbed me a little, but had good intentions.
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted October 4 2009

Rating: 4

No Comments Provided
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted August 15 2003

Rating: 3

I get the point of the skit but this really wouldn't go over well if there were any Muslims in the audience you were trying to reach. It also doesn't teach much sensitivity to their beliefs. Yes, we want to reach them but at what cost?
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted February 27 2003

Rating: 2

I feel like the story is telling kids that if everyone is doing it, it is okay. Izzy's mom had told him not to eat ham, the other two boys stayed the same, while Izzy did all the changing. Just because everyone does it, doesn't make it right. We should listen to our parents, that is what the Bible tells us to do
Fit in = Compromise Ideals (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted July 27 2002

Rating: 3

This script seems to teach the compromise of ideals in the search for friendship. Izzy has been brought up not eating ham, but in order to be friends with the other two characters decides to do so.
Fascinating! (Rated by: Barry Christmas) Posted May 28 2002

Rating: 10

Well, I don't understand it but I sure do like it.
Spiritual Warfare (Rated by: Richard) Posted May 17 2002

Rating: 10

I think this play sends an important message about what it means to have to sacrifice for your spirituality. This is not some idle skirmish. This is a war for our souls.
Bravo! (Rated by: Terry) Posted May 15 2002

Rating: 10

People the world over should see this play.
Wonderful! (Rated by: William Moses) Posted May 15 2002

Rating: 10

It is wonderful to see ministry combined with such strong puppet production values. This piece contains an important message about the value of openness, and the positive aspects of diversity. Thank you so much for sharing this important lesson with us. I think I'll have our kids perform it at our community's upcoming Wide World Festival!

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