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Building A House For The Lord!

Description: Two puppets keep asking their architect questions, but never the right one: Is he a Christian? (A nifty way to illustrate Mark 4:21.)

Average Rating:
8.3 (Very good)
10 votes
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No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted July 19 2019

Rating: 9

No Comments Provided
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted July 20 2011

Rating: 4

seems like kind of a pointless script to be honest.
Good stuff! (Rated by: Nick and Judy) Posted October 3 2007

Rating: 10

Got a good story and a good message. I like it alot and I think the kids will too.
Amen! (Rated by: Jenn) Posted June 27 2006

Rating: 10

We MUST share that we are Christians with the MANY people we meet in our lives!
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted March 22 2006

Rating: 8

No Comments Provided
Nice way to teach this lesson (Rated by: Gil) Posted January 6 2006

Rating: 10

The direct approach! I like this alot!
I lived this story! (Rated by: Hector) Posted January 6 2006

Rating: 10

No kidding. And my name's not really Hector. I will keep my dirty little secret with me until I vamos a la grave. So there.
What's this???!!! (Rated by: Barry C.) Posted January 1 2006

Rating: 10

Oh my, first Barry and Mary and now Todd and David? I think I know them and they are indeed Christians (I think). Where is this dream house supposed to be? Church central I hope. God Bless! And I mean it!
No Heading (Rated by: Call Me Ishmael) Posted December 31 2005

Rating: 7

I'm giving this a high rating because I always enjoy the scripts from Puppet2Puppet, this one included. That having been said, I recently had my driveway re-paved and did not ask the religious affiliation of the workers. Offhand I'd say they were Catholics, but I can't be sure. Worked for peanuts though
Mark 4:21! (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted December 29 2005

Rating: 10

This gets a 10 plus one! I really like the fun and simple way it illustrates this key biblical passage; and it involves the kids in a fun way. Fun fun fun!
Cute! (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted November 29 2005

Rating: 10

Neat message

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