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Independence Day

Description: How did the USA get its national motto "In God We Trust"? Find out on the very first July 4th, 1776.

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7.6 (Good)
10 votes
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Worst play (Rated by: Bhuvan) Posted July 31 2013

Rating: 1

No Comments Provided
Fantastic! (Rated by: Ronda) Posted April 23 2013

Rating: 10

Finally! An Independence Day script that includes God! This is well written. Very enjoyable.
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted March 4 2009

Rating: 3

Our national motto is "E pluribus Unum," which is Latin for "Out of many, one"
No Heading (Rated by: Patty) Posted June 19 2005

Rating: 9

We need a puppet show for the village green on the 4th of July. This will be great! Thank you!
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted May 19 2005

Rating: 9

No Comments Provided
thanks (Rated by: stacy) Posted May 2 2005

Rating: 10

thank you for this web site and the free scripts!!!! it is a blessing! I really like this about our national motto! Lord bless!
Excellent (Rated by: Donna) Posted June 28 2004

Rating: 10

Great use of props that are simple to gather. Excellent discussion of our religious beginnings.
the 1st Independence day (Rated by: Bro. Foster) Posted March 10 2004

Rating: 10

I really enjoyed the skit. It was well written and did a good job of promoting our nation's Christian heritage. My wife wanted me to find an American revolution skit for her class and this is more than she'll expect. Thanks and God Bless
No Heading (Rated by: Sonjia) Posted June 20 2003

Rating: 9

Great idea for Junior Church puppet ministry!
Excellent! (Rated by: Lisa) Posted April 13 2003

Rating: 10

Great concept for expaining to unchurched and/or nonbelievers! Thanks.

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