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Providing For Honest Things

Description: Its report card time from school and Tizzy changes her Science grade from an F to a B. Molly brings to light her dishonesty and reminders her of II Corinthians 8:21. From there Tizzy is convinced to do right and to come clean with her Science grade to her mom.

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7.9 (Good)
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No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted January 3 2013

Rating: 9

Thanks for sharing this skit. We are starting a series on Christian Character and this is perfect introduction to our series!!
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted February 6 2009

Rating: 9

No Comments Provided
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted March 16 2008

Rating: 8

Great lesson about honesty. I like beginning the script with the Bible verse so the audience can think on it while listening to the skit.
Awesome (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted January 17 2007

Rating: 10

This puppet skit really portrays the realities of our young people. This skit serves as a perfect example for our young children and how attempting to be dishonest in private is wrong. The report card example is so clever and realistic. Thank you and God Bless
No Heading (Rated by: Sandra Simmons) Posted July 20 2004

Rating: 9

Very good.
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted March 5 2004

Rating: 8

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