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Some Break

Description: A sunday school teacher helps a boy deal with the loss of a loved one

Average Rating:
8.4 (Very good)
6 votes
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A good solid script with a great message. (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted September 26 2004

Rating: 9

Great message and good script. Death of loved ones is not addressed in children's ministry a whole lot. It's great to see scripts that are tackling different issues. Great Job!
Hang in there, David! (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted January 16 2004

Rating: 10

Great play.
Nice Script (Rated by: EE Perry) Posted January 8 2004

Rating: 9

It is true. It is not always this easy, even for Christians. Morning is a process. Trying to make sense of it. I like that this script brings God into the process. One must rely on God in difficult times like these.
Death is Instructive (Rated by: Joel) Posted January 7 2004

Rating: 9

I think this play really makes death seem less like a penalty and more like a reward, for both the living and the dead!
He's back! (Rated by: Virgil) Posted January 3 2004

Rating: 10

This is undoubtedly Mr. Marriott's best since his "KGB" script. Honest. A few more scripts that aren't afraid to ask hard questions like this would be good for all of our souls. May God bless and comfort you, Mr. Marriott, and your family, during this difficult tme. Keep writing while and when God gives you feeling!
No Heading (Rated by: Jim Hill) Posted December 30 2003

Rating: 10

A great story inspired I'm sure by a great man. God bless him.

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