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In this section, you'll find a collection of helpful articles on a variety of puppet-related subjects.  Please use the form below to add your site or resource, or let us know of other great sites.

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Puppet Construction

Activity TV: Puppets - Activity TV is a website that features free step-by-step video instructions with printables for a wide array of fun activities for children. Our website covers a variety of topics, such as puppets, crafts, magic, science, and more.  Is this Link Broken?
Nick Barone's Puppet Building Info - Collection of several PDF documents regarding construction of various types of puppets taken from notes used in Nick's adult workshops.  Is this Link Broken?
Painting a papier mache puppet head - Step by step illustrated instructions on how to paint a papier mache puppet head starting with an unsealed papier mache blank head and ending with the finished painted head There is also a timelapse video showing the process speeded up.  Is this Link Broken?
Rosemarybeetle's puppet making videos - Various short videos demonstrating stages in making detailed papier mache puppet heads, includig modelling in plasticine, molding in plaster and making heads from papier mache mouldings  Is this Link Broken?
SS PUPPET FACTORY - Here you can find puppet resources and links from A-Z  Is this Link Broken?
Stuff n Such - Innovative ideas on how to make polyfoam puppet parts.  Is this Link Broken?


10 Things a Puppet Loves About You - Puppets have feelings too you know! This doc provides helpful instruction about getting the most out of your puppet character (some info from other sites, some new content).  Is this Link Broken?
Kids Toys, Finger Puppets, Novelties - Wholesale Prices on kids novelty toys and prizes. Nice selection of finger puppets  Is this Link Broken?
Marionette operation - Basic instrctions on operating string puppets with 3 to 5 strings. Quick easy to use and read.   Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Manipulation - Until the appropriate gestures and voices are added, a puppet is just a wiggling lump of cloth. The way you hold and move your puppet is very important.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet operation - How to make your puppet come to life. Instructions on operating a ventriloquist puppet.  Is this Link Broken?
Puppet Show New York City - Muppet-style traveling puppet show for events.  Is this Link Broken?

Writing Puppet Skits

Writing Puppet Skits - So...you have puppets, they look alive and you have tons of ideas for using them. What's the next step? Here are a few facts, opinions and reminders about puppet plays and puppet playwriting that might help.   Is this Link Broken?


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