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Hi!  Here are some details about myself:
My name is: Diana Rockwell
I have a home page at: ventrilorockwell.webs.com   | Is this Link Broken?
My occupation (when I'm not doing puppets!) is:
My approximate age is: 25 - 35
I live in the state of: Kansas
... in the country of: United States
Here's some information about my church or puppetry organisation:
My organisation's name is: Diana Rockwell, Ventriloquist
My organisation's website is at: www.facebook.com/rockwellvent   | Is this Link Broken?
Some of My Puppetry Background
Q: Why do you write puppet scripts? What motivates you?
I am a playwright and a ventriloquist. I write plays as a means to come up with better material for my own works. Play writing is a great way to get a feel for characters and dialogue.
Q: Tell us about your church or puppet organisation.
I am independent and it is a joy to perform for audiences of all ages with some kind of moral component involved.
Q: How did you get started in puppets and what attracted you to this area?
My attraction to puppets began when I was a small child. My mother purchased a book for me titled 'Puppet Making' from a book sale at Montgomery Ward. As a wee one, the book never left my side. I eventually started checking out library books that had short plays for children's puppet shows. One was an English folktale called "Johnny Cake." I did my own rendition called "The Buttermilk Ghost." I cut out my own puppet theatre out of cardboard and handcrafted a little ghost puppet as well.
Q: Where does your inspiration come from to write puppet scripts?
I am typically inspired by Will Vinton Claymation and vintage candy commercials for settings, ideas, and character development.
Q: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in puppetry?
Have unique ideas and take lots of time to practice the manipulation skills. Many people will focus on the kind of material you have, as opposed to your technical skills. I say both areas matter.
Q: Who are your favourite puppet characters and what do you like about them?
Any of Dan Horn's puppets. They are all memorable with unique personalities and voices.
Q: What are the most important qualities in great puppet scripts?
And I couldn't stress too much-HAVE YOUR OWN UNIQUE IDEAS! Don't steal, don't try to be something you aren't. Just remember, Jim Henson and Edgar Bergen already happened. Take a new avenue.
Q: What would you do if you were a puppet?
As long as I'm a puppet and not a dummy, I could live with it.
And here are some other scripts by me/us:
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1. Toxic Candycorn by Diana Rockwell Profile available - View script

Rating: 7.8 , Votes: 4

Ralphie, a little trick-or-treater, is out trick or treating before he runs into a witch, Ulphia. Ulphia tries to enlighten him on the history of the candy corn. Ralphie takes no interest and chooses to move along.
Keywords: Halloween  
2. Lil' Sugar Plum Dancer by Diana Rockwell Profile available - View script

Rating: 6.8 , Votes: 3

It is Christmas Eve and Amaryllis, a little girl, is all tucked in for bedtime. Her mother is telling her a story, The Night Before Christmas while she is waiting on Amaryllis to fall asleep. Amaryllis becomes very enthused the minute she hears her mother speak of "sugar plums." From this point on, she becomes aware of her true Christmas wish.
Keywords: Beauty  Christmas  Fun  Giving  Heart  Helping others  Hope  Identity  Love  Respect  Sharing  Talents  
3. Forget-me-not, Forget-you-now by Diana Rockwell Profile available - View script

Rating: 5.1 , Votes: 5

Mallory, a head over heals, boy crazy, pre-teen is being teased by her obnoxious little brother, Travis. They are both very sensitive about their school crushes and get into an unnecessary argument until Mom attempts to settle them both down.
Keywords: Bullying  Fun  Gossip  Love  Obedience  Self-control  Sensitivity  Teasing  Valentines  
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