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Hi!  Here are some details about myself:
My name is: Kathy Perry
I have a home page at:
My occupation (when I'm not doing puppets!) is: Head of product development, telecoms
My approximate age is: 35 - 45
I live in the state of: Staffordshire
... in the country of: United Kingdom
Here's some information about my church or puppetry organisation:
My organisation's name is: Christchurch, Stone, Staffordshire
My organisation's website is at:
Some of My Puppetry Background
Q: Why do you write puppet scripts? What motivates you?
Puppet scripts can also be used for people-play scripts. So one script, dual purpose. I love the creativity of envisaging the many ways a script could be interpreted theatrically by a group of young people, and creating one script that provides guidance but leaves room for a groups own creativity. I particularly focus on the Word of God. What better material to use as a basis for a script?!
Q: Tell us about your church or puppet organisation.
I have written a script for my church to use in out-of-school clubs for young children. The groups run for a week and end with a play performed to parents and friends.
Q: How did you get started in puppets and what attracted you to this area?
Not answered yet.
Q: Where does your inspiration come from to write puppet scripts?
Not answered yet.
Q: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in puppetry?
Have a go and have fun!
Q: Who are your favourite puppet characters and what do you like about them?
The crocodile in Punch and Judy - because it evokes childhood memories of holidays by the beach (though there were no crocodiles there! Just the puppet shows!)
Q: What are the most important qualities in great puppet scripts?
The story makes you smile. You can picture the scene easily and can see how you could have fun with it.
Q: What would you do if you were a puppet?
Wear wild colourful, floaty clothes and have long spindly legs to dance the most amazing ballet! I'd want to make the children laugh and see their smiling faces and mesmerized eyes as they enter a dreamworld and are totally enthralled.
And here are some other scripts by me/us:
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1. Jonah And The Whale by Kathy Perry Profile available - View script

Rating: 6.7 , Votes: 1

The story of Jonah and how he tried to run and hide from God. Script written with children's groups in mind - age range from 6 to 15.
Keywords: Bible Stories  
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