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Hi!  Here are some details about myself:
My name is: Mike Competillo
I have a home page at: www.ithacavideo.com   | Is this Link Broken?
My occupation (when I'm not doing puppets!) is: Bus driver & video producer
My approximate age is: 45 - 60
I live in the state of: NY
... in the country of: USA
My photo: Mike Competillo
Here's some information about my church or puppetry organisation:
My organisation's name is: Praisin' Puppets
My organisation's website is at: www.grotonag.org/puppets.htm   | Is this Link Broken?
Some of My Puppetry Background
Q: Why do you write puppet scripts? What motivates you?
I love Jesus. I hope to start a video clip ministry soon where people can simply send evangelistic video clip links to their non-Christian friends to help them understand what Christianity is all about. For more information see http://videoministry.blog-city.com
Q: Tell us about your church or puppet organisation.
http://grotonag.org is my church site.
We have a puppet team there and do puppets once a month for the children and maybe once a year or so for the adults in church.
Q: How did you get started in puppets and what attracted you to this area?
I starting watching puppets on tv back in the 1960's before muppets were around.
Q: Where does your inspiration come from to write puppet scripts?
conflicts, seasons, actual experiences, stories
Q: What advice would you give to someone just starting out in puppetry?
Open the puppet mouth when you open yours to talk and not the other way around. Also, have your puppet move around as if it's looking here and there, responding to the other puppets to make it more lifelike. Don't just prop it up there to stare into space. Puppets have more than just a mouth, they have a body... or part of one anyway.
Q: Who are your favourite puppet characters and what do you like about them?
Ernie and Bert & their interaction with 'live' looking set
Q: What are the most important qualities in great puppet scripts?
conflicts, solutions, character traits
Q: What would you do if you were a puppet?
Hope my dad's name was Gheppetto
And here are some other scripts by me/us:
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1. 'jealousy' by Mike Competillo Picture available Profile available - View script

Rating: 6.7 , Votes: 1

Butch is jealous of another boy in class who gets more attention then he does. Buddy Barrel explains how hard it is for missionaries to be on their own in a foreign country where they have to learn a new language, but they don't get lots of attention.
Keywords: Adversity  Bible  Giving  Helping others  Humility  Missions  Sacrifice  
2. Liberty And Justice For All by Mike Competillo Picture available Profile available - View script

Rating: 6.6 , Votes: 3

A boy posts an invite to a Bible study and meets a friend while doing so. The teacher finds he has been too long out of the class and tears down his poster from the bulletin board.
Keywords: Authority  Bible  Character  Confusion  Courage  Evangelism  Freedom  Friendship  God  Independence Day  Persecution  Persistence  Respect  Sensitivity  Teasing  Tolerance  Truth  
3. Searching For Luck by Mike Competillo Picture available Profile available - View script

Rating: 6.3 , Votes: 4

Two puppets are looking for a four leaf clover. Their friend Buddy (BB) comes in and tells how this is a fable and that the truth of the Bible will direct their paths. Great St. Patrick's Day script!
Keywords: Bible  Fairy Tales  Trust  Truth  St. Patrick  
4. No More Cookies! by Mike Competillo Picture available Profile available - View script

Rating: 0.0 , Votes: 0

Butch is panicking because his mom removed cookies from the cookie jar and Buddy Barrel explains how his mom is trying to teach him a lesson for not cleaning his room the way he should have.
Keywords: Adversity  Authority  Bitterness  Character  Choice  Confusion  Faithfulness  Generosity  Giving  Growth  Helping others  Love  Missions  Obedience  Parents  Persistence  Priorities  Responsibility  Self-control  Sharing  
5. 'stealing' by Mike Competillo Picture available Profile available - View script

Rating: 0.0 , Votes: 0

Veronica invites some Christian friends to go 'mess around' with some other friends who are bound for trouble.
Keywords: Apologetics  Bible  Bullying  Confusion  Courage  Fear  Materialism  Self-control  Stealing  Temptation  
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