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Look Who's Coming To Dinner, Part 2

Description: A family dinner is the unusual setting for a surprise visit from a very special character.

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Unoriginal and bordering on dishonour (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted April 21 2019

Rating: 2

Once the "original" idea of Jesus being "hip" has been perpetuated, the rest of the skit becomes repetitively unoriginal. I'm all for humour, but it needs to be in the form of jokes/puns, or light observation, as opposed to a one-dimensional parody of one character. I'm sorry, but it just isn't funny, and there is no message.
Terrible! (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted April 20 2010

Rating: 1

This is so disrespectful. Jesus is not our "home-boy" and does not use slang. He is the Christ, the SON OF THE LIVING GOD! Do you not have any respect? Jesus did not just come into this world cracking jokes and getting people to laugh! He was a "man of sorrows, acquainted with grief." I cannot believe anyone would write about Jesus like this.
Sorry, but this was awful (Rated by: Tuvia) Posted November 21 2009

Rating: 1

Very sorry, but this is horribly offensive to us jews who beleive in our saviour, Yeshua (Jesus), and wish to maintain our Jewish identity. Jesus was a jew, not a christian. This script shows Jesus as a stranger to the jews, trying to persuade them to change their religion. I was very offended by the way you portraied my beloved Messiah and saviour
Offensive (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted June 6 2004

Rating: 1

As a lover of Messianic Jews and all Jews, I find this offensive...bordering on anti-semetic. Attitudes portrayed in this is WHY Jews reject Christianity. I love humor....but this crosses the line!
No Heading (Rated by: Anonymous) Posted April 8 2003

Rating: 1

it will probably get some laughs from the kids but may be somewhat offensive to jews. also the skit does not incorporate much bible truths in with the humor.
best yet (Rated by: J) Posted August 4 2002

Rating: 10

No Comments Provided
Why the Jews? (Rated by: Richard) Posted May 17 2002

Rating: 7

While this play shows the folly of following a false religion, it seems to validate the Jewish faith by portraying it as a "norm" within this family. The writing is good, but the message is off.
Funny (Rated by: Terry) Posted May 11 2002

Rating: 10

No Comments Provided
Good, but I have to (Rated by: Father Bob) Posted May 9 2002

Rating: 8

take away 2 rating points because I don't think Kreplach is eaten on passover because it contains leavening. Otherwise, It's very interesting although maybe the ending should be a little different.
Absolutely Hilarious! Really nice way of explaining. Wowie. (Rated by: Barry) Posted May 8 2002

Rating: 10

I've never really understood the parallels between us and them and now I'm laughing all the way to the bank. Love how your characters show up in different plays. Let's the kids become their friends and who wouldn't want a freind like Holly? Question: Does Jesus really have to be a life size marionette or animatronic device? He's big as a house!

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