© 1990 5th grade VBS Boys & Rachel
3 puppets

Reporter in suit and tie.
Barabas in leather biker jacket or similar.

Reporter: This is Dan Rathernot here with an in-depth report on the people affected
        by the Crucifixion of the one who calls himself, "The Son of God". Jesus of Nazareth...

        We are here to interview the one called Barabbas...

        Mr. Ah, Barabbas...

Barabbas: Yeah, wha'd ya want, ya scuzball, slime-face, stinkin' reporter?

Reporter: Sir, the viewers of Channel 6...

Barabbas:(interupts) Are we on TV?

Reporter: Yeees Sirrrr.

Barabbas: Ah, I ain't never been on TV before! Hi, Mom.

Reporter: This being the 3rd day of your release from prison and Jesus' death, I was
        just wondering what your thoughts about this man Jesus were?

Barabbas: Haa Haa Haa! They really stuck it to him! Haa Haa haa, killed him and let me go free!
        Don't know what he did but it must have been bad to beat me out of being the meanest
        dude around! Why did they kill him anyway?

Reporter: He claimed to be God's Son!

Barabbas: What! Haa Haa Haa! Got them religious dudes mad at him! Haa haa! Well, he was my
        ticket to freedom!

Reporter:(interupts with aside to audience) Yours, Yes. But real freedom to many people all
        through time!

Barabbas: Huh?

Reporter: Oh I'm sorry.

Barabbas:(sneers) You sure are! Anyway, He is dead, I'm alive. What do I care what happened to
        him anyway?

Reporter: Did you know that Jesus claimed to his followers that he would rise from the dead today?

Barabbas: Ha! And I am Cinderella!

Reporter:(turns to get not from messenger) This just off the wires folks! Jesus of Nazareth has just
        been sighted with his disciples!

Barabbas: No! No! He's coming to get me. I have to hide!(Barabas runs off)

Reporter: Wait Barabas, don't you know you can't hide from God?.. Well folks, looks like he is
        gone. Remember this word from our sponsor,
        For a clean heart and new life try Christ's Cleaners today!
        24 hour service with abiding grace offerd to all!
        This is Dan Rathernot signing off.

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Cached copy from Rachel Moore