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Talking Bathmat Sample

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This is a sample of what the Talking Bathmat looks like.   You would receive this once a week (provided there's been at least one new script in the last 7 days) although the length will vary.

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Hi **Your name here**

Welcome to this issue of Puppet Resources "Talking Bathmat!"


* Feature Script This Week *
"God Loves Everyone" by Jeff Robson
Billy betrays his friend and then feels so guilty that he thinks God could never forgive him and he will be doomed. He learns that although God doesn't like the bad things we do, he still loves us no matter what.
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1. "Honor Your Father And Your Mother" by Allan Hubbard
Sally just ate 136 candy bars then tried to hide the wrappers ... no wonder she's grounded! Maybe she should have listened to her mom!

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